Grandpa Jan,


If you want to know more about me and my life you can go to the menu and check out the page 'About my life'     I will also put a link bellow.

About my life


My grandson came by with the idea from making NFTs, never in my life I heard the word NFT, so we went to discover it.

The only thing that I needed to do is draw... I am a retired man so I have all the time in the world! I was so happy to do the thing that I love, making art. 

All that comes with it is my grandson's job, that's his department! The only thing that I learned is using Twitter and that was already hard for me.

 I'm happy to show my inspirations this way, worldwide! I never thought that I would experience this!

From local exhibitions, to worldwide collectors!


Grandson Niklas, 


My name is Niklas, I was born on 08/11/1996 in Hamburg (Germany) and I am the inspired grandson of this wonderful grandpa.

I was born in Germany but raised in Belgium, my father was German and my mother is my grandpa's daughter. When I was around 3 years old we moved to Belgium.

In my younger years I went to a boarding school in Koksijde (Belgium) where I learned everything about gastronomy, after those years I'm still working in a restaurant as multifunctional member from a great team.

I'm at the moment 25 years old so I have not so much to write about myself like my grandpa, but we are building amazing things right now and I hope that I can write about those things in the future!


Why am I doing this? 

First of all, why not? My grandpa makes amazing art, since his younger years he was already painting great artwork. All that art stayed in Belgium ever since and were exhibited locally. I was motivated by the crypto market and then NFTs came by, so this was the opportunity to show the world the amazing art that my grandpa can create, et voila here we are! 

Now I hear you thinking that I make adventage from my grandpa to make money, what would you do? He makes the craziest art and do nothing with it? 

On the social platforms you will see what will happen when the project starts growing. Using my grandpa to make money for my own is the last thing I would do! 

We are one team!