Here's a bit of my life story ...

I was born on the 1st of march 1943 on a kitchen table in Lier (Antwerp); this would express itself in a Burgundian life at a later date, that's for sure.

1946:  We would often go on family walks with my parents and younger brother Marcel. Yes, that's me the cheecky one on the right and the cute one in the pram.

1954-1957:  During my childhood I already fell the need to express myself artistically. So it was no surprise to anyone, that I went to Art school in Antwerp. I finished first in class three years in a row and I graduated with high honors. You can imagine what an euphoric feeling this gave me. Of course this had to be celebrated with my friends. 

1963: Celebration went on when I went to the French Provost Corps (MP) in Arlon to end up in the missile guardhouse in Siegen, Germany. During my army period I learned to play the bass-guitar. Me and my Fender, we kept the spirit going in the canteen of commanders frequently. I must tell you, the atmosphere was definitely there.

1965: I started my career in my father's cookie factory, called Pic-Nic. That same year I also fell madly in love with the women of my dreams, Anne-Marie. we got married after 6 months. I bought a Triumph TR3 and life was one big party. I was barely 23 years old.

You should know that father had French roots so that Burgundian vibe is in our blood. Every summer we drove with the whole family to the south of France, to enjoy the pleasures of Saint-Raphaƫl with the best wines and the most delicious bouillabaisse. During the winter we went skiing in Tignes or Courchevel. Do you also love that French Cognac? Or are you more of a Ricard enthusiast?

1987-2005: I also had kind of a golf-career at amateur level of course, but I still won some tournaments and hit a hole in one, what did you expect!?

During all those fantastic years I have thrown myself into painting with moments and somewhere I regret that I did not do more with my artistic talent. But don't we all have that feeling of loss or remorse or regret? I believe it's never too late to throw yourself into things you love to do. And that's exactly what I am doing right now... 

In 2012 I retired and since then I do everything I want and can't resist, because in my eyes this is the only way to ever have to end this fulfilling life.

Are you joining me?